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If Russia Wins The FIFA World Cup, This Startup Will Give $1.5 Million To The Team

| Published on July 5, 2018

The FIFA World Cup has seen many upsets including the exit of strong teams such as current title holder Germany, Argentina and Portugal. The excitement of football lovers is at its peak as the tournament is progressing further. Not only Russia fans but a startup is curious about the results of this world cup as it will have to pay $1.5 million to the team and it is not a gift.

Blockchain startup Waves allows its users to store, trade, manage digital assets with blockchain technology and a custom token system is used. With the token one can create a wallet and invest in verified cryptocurrency assets and can trade tokens with other users also.

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So why Waves is giving these tokens to the team?


Waves recently launched an airdrop distribution of football tokens for its users and distributed 150,000 cryptocurrency tokens without charging anything to the users. Every user that participated in this airdrop concept received one token to invest in their favorite team and the users are allowed to trade these tokens by price based on which teams they predict will win each game. As expected, the most popular teams have been assigned highest value.

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After the tournament gets over, the startup will buy all the airdropped tokens according to the bets that were defined at the beginning of World Cup (on June 14, 2018)

How will Russian team receive $1.5 million?

Waves gave 50,000 of airdrop tokens to members and coaches of the Russian national football team. If Russia wins the FIFA World Cup, it will receive a prize equal to $1.5 million in cryptocurrency. Interestingly, this amount is equal to half of the prize money that will be received by the winning team- $3 million.


Talking about this, Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov said in a recent interview:

“Our company has Russian origins. As with many other people in Russia, we are excited about welcoming the championship and supporting our national team. We believe it’s a great chance to praise hard work, strong will, and hope. I really hope that we will be able to give this prize.”

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