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After Ruling Social Media, Priya Varrier is Now Promoting 2 Big Brands

| Published on February 15, 2018

Priya Prakash Varrier doesn’t need an introduction. Thanks to social media and pages like RVCJ Media which helped her to gain the popularity she is having. After becoming internet sensation just in few days, she is now promoting two big brands namely- OnePlus and Pringle.

This girl is all over internet and brands know the power of social media that’s why they are looking to use the image and popularity of Priya to promote their products. The power of digital media can be judged by the fact that the girl which only had 64k followers on Instagram now has more than 2.9 million followers.

Her viral video and fast-growing following coupled with the occasion of Valentine’s Day created a perfect storm that two brands managed to capitalize on. Both were running strong marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day and when their influencer marketing agency, Ripple Links pitched the idea of working with Priya, they both recognized the potential for the collaboration to be well-recieved. Ripple Links was able to cohesively incorporate Priya in two youth-targeted campaigns, in the span of 12 hours, to hit 3 million engagements and counting for both campaigns.

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Priya is breaking all the records of popularity, the thing that makes her different from other celebs is that Indian audience can easily relate with her personality. She is a face that resembles Indian beauty with deadly expressions. Digital media is playing a big role in bringing the talented people to the big stage. Artists now have platforms like YouTube and Facebook to show their talent which was not that easy some years ago.

A lot of youtube and social media influencers are living their dream life just because of the impact that digital media has. It can make anyone a star overnight if combined with good support from the popular pages and channels. the role of media companies on the internet has changed now as they have a big responsibility for valuable and meaningful content.

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