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RTI Reveals No Law Prohibits Carrying Food In Cinema Hall

| Published on December 11, 2019

How many of us want to eat something which is not an unworthy-but-high-priced-PVR-meal in the theatre watching one of the most awaiting movies? Well, a question that never gets a proper answer: “Why can’t we bring our own food in the cinema hall?”

Vijay Gopal, an activist based on Hyderabad, has again touched the question by filing an RTI with Hyderabad police asking them if there is any law that prohibits people to carry their own eatables in the cinema hall.
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Law Does Not Stop Anyone To Carry Eatables In The Cinema Hall

According to the Cinema Regulation Act of 1955, Hyderabad police replied that there is no law which prohibits or restricts general moviegoers to carry their own food in the theatres.

Even the Maharashtrian government has allowed its citizens for the same and there is a toll-free number provided and anyone can dial it and complain about the same issue. Even the police of Hyderabad is mentioning that anyone can complain about this matter with the Legal Metrology Department.

Then what is the hindrance?
Anything that comes under service industries functions with a business-oriented mindset. So, when it comes to a business perspective, they can always make their own rules, allow and deny things according to themselves.

There is actually no way to stop this practice. Suppose a person opens his own restaurant and prohibits the customers to bring their food inside it, then it’s a rule no one can oppose. The business owner has the right to apply whatever rule they want to with their venture.


If any citizen has issues with such rules, they can also file a case on the owner regarding the same. If they want, they can take the argument anywhere but the truth is it could turn into a weak one.

The issue of carrying food inside theatres needs a lot of time and healthy argumentative skills and statements to be resolved.

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