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From Rs 400 To $1 Million Business,Success Story Of Entrepreneur Santhosh Palavesh’s Is Inspirational

| Published on February 2, 2019

We often hear of college dropouts who make large profits from their startup or other businesses but we guarantee this isn’t something you have ever heard before. Santhosh Palavesh, a 29- year old engineer owns a company, UMM Studios that earns a million dollars per year.

Santhosh began building his company when he was in college and his career-driven abilities, uplifted him to accomplish his goal. His success is completely credited to his unexcelled strategies and great entrepreneur skills that have assisted him to reach to the top.

It is surprising to know, that this man rejected a 14 lakh per annum job only to start his own firm that would be closely linked with digitalization.

How he started out?

In his school days, Santhosh’s interest in the internet and computer games transformed into moviemaking that in turn led him to make video ads for businesses and establish his own firm in no time. Very soon, the business evolved from creating video ads to offering a comprehensive range in brochures, web designs and more.

Today, the company has advanced to providing services that comprise digital and agency services alongside product consulting.

Quite like many industrious men who solely focus on connecting with success and striving to reach the aim, Santhosh also started out with baby steps yet effective strategies to flourish his firm better. He says he tried his hands at movie directing as an assistant director and then proceeded towards assistant cameraman for more efficient experiences.

His company today –

He was also offered jobs by TCS and Caterpillar in campus interviews. Later, he transformed his business into supplying video ads to businesses and soon launching UMM Studios. Very soon, as he continually strived and struggled to supply tireless efforts and high-end work to his clients, his company kept evolving and later it stood established and well-developed in no time at all.

Now UMM helps business to take their ideas to the market and uplifts them to work better. They also help business with product architecture, develop UI/UX and more.

We are putting our skin in the game, unlike other traditional software companies. We are not just about money,” says Santhosh Palavesh, the prospering entrepreneur.

Santhosh is doing an incredible business with his firm and his incessant efforts seem to have no ending at all. On that note, we wish him good luck for his future endeavors too and hope to see him make India more proud soon.

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