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‘Rs 0’ Jio 4G Volte ‘India Ka Smartphone’, With Unlimited Data, Launched By Mukesh Ambani

| Published on July 21, 2017

After disrupting the telecom industry with data pack at a cheap rate, talks were around the corner that soon Reliance Industries will launch a new smartphone at a very cheap rate and with the availability of unlimited 4G enabled data services!

Finally, dreams have come true. Chairman Mukesh Ambani today unveiled 4G Jio smartphone at the annual general meeting (AGM) of the company. In this 40th meeting, Ambani mostly talked about achievements of Jio and thanked the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for helping this digital initiative. Ambani too declared that Jio is looking forward to removing all kind of data problems in India and as their previous venture was successful enough so this launch too would create huge success in the market. And we have no doubts!

India has overtaken US and China in mobile data consumption.

The Features

The smartphone’s features were explained by Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani. The phone has a key pad and also voice command features. Isha Ambani claims that the speaker is one of the best in the market presently. But the striking feature is the distress button. As soon as the button is pressed the phone will send messages to near and dear ones whose numbers are registered.

Along with the preloaded application on the phone, users can also use their Jan Dhan accounts. Ambani said that voice calls will be free for Jio users and Jio will provide unlimited data at a very cheap rate of just Rs.153. The mobile can also be connected to any television set for watching live videos and shows not just only smart television sets.

Who Said What?

Mukesh Ambani said,

“There are 78 crore mobile phones in India. “However, in this 78 crore, there are more than 50 crore feature phone users, who have been left out. They can neither afford the cheapest LTE smartphone, nor the exorbitant cost of data. Data is the oxygen of digital life, and no Indian should suffer because of unaffordability,” he added. “Sadly the vast majority of mobile users are starved of data. This unfairness must end, and Jio is committing to ending it today.”


The phone will be available from 15th August for testing and pre booking will start from 24th August. Those who will pre-book the phone will be able to buy it from 1st September. The phone will support various data packages. If the user pays Rs. 153 per month then they will get free voice calls and SMS along with unlimited data. On the other hand, if the user pays Rs.309 per month they will get all these facilities along with the support of viewing videos on television. After three years one can return back the phone and get a refund.

The company will also have two sachet packs, at Rs. 24 for two days, or Rs. 54 per week, for users who don’t want pay Rs.153 at one go.

According to Mukesh Ambani, Jio will soon engulf 99% of Indian population and 4G users will increase in market and surpass the number of 2G network users. By September number of Jio offices too will increase.

Jio already boasts of 100 million users and with this launch of new 4G Volte smartphone, they will surely emerge to be the giants in Indian Telecom market.

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