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Ronaldo’s Coke Fiasco Inspired These 5 Moments

| Published on June 22, 2021

Since last week, every other news portal has covered footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s attempt to remove two Coca-Cola bottles in front of him and encourage his fans to drink water. This happened at the UEFA 2020 press conference which made the company lost $4 billion in just a few hours. However, much to everyone’s surprise, some other sports personalities created their own funny versions coupled with a few twisted circulations of the same story.

Here’s the top 5 of the lot,

Paul Pogba & The Removal Of Heineken

It’s safe to say that Pogba took inspiration quite literally from Ronaldo. His gesture to remove Heineken also affected the brand as it seemed to have discouraged the use of the drink.

R Sridhar’s One Liner

The Indian fielding coach, R Sridhar, also took much inspiration from the incident. At a recent press conference, he made fun of the situation and everyone surely did have a good laugh. Indians, achievement unlocked!

Fans Galore

When something happens in the world, who is the first to use the situation to his or her advantage? Of course, the many fans of football and Cristiano Ronaldo. This fan recreated his version making it seem as if the footballer passed the coke to him.

‘Any Coke?’, asks John McGinn

It seems that every sportsperson had a good laugh after this incident. One of them happens to be John McGinn who asked if there was any coke at a recent press conference.

Coke & Heineken, You Know Where To Find Him

Creating a fun spin on the entire incident, Ukraine captain Andriy Yarmolenko shifted the Coca-Cola bottles to one side and the Heineken ones to another calling on the brands to get in touch with him!

Which post-situation reaction was your favorite? Or did you come across something that was more hilarious than these? Let us know in the comments.

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