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Roadside Vendor Donates His Entire Stock Of Textiles To Help Kerala Flood Victims

| Published on August 12, 2019

Kerala man

The destruction caused by Kerala flood will take years of people to get back to their normal days but if we support them, surely thins can change fast.

With the heavy rains, the focus right now is to help 2.3 lakh people who have been displaced and are living in various relief camps. Volunteers and NGOs across the country are trying their best to provide them food, water, medicines, clothes, sanitary napkins, etc.

But among all this tough situation, one man is winning hearts and praises for his generous contribution to support the needy. Noushad, a roadside garment seller has donated the entire stock of garments in his godown when volunteers came to him seeking some donations.


When volunteers reached his store, he packed everything into bags. Rajesh Sharma who was on a relief materials collection said that he was surprised to see this act and it was totally unexpected.

When they tried discouraging him from giving more clothes, Noushad continued to bring in more and more.

“Tomorrow is Eid, this is my Eid. When I die, I can’t take any of these with me. My profit is helping others,” Noushad said

Such acts show that humanity is still alive and those who actually care for humans do their contribution to every single chance they get.

Even though the Muslim community in the state is celebrating Eid today, many community leaders have urged the people to avoid festivities and instead use the resources to help the flood victims.

If you don’t know, the floods this year have killed 76 people so far and has displaced over 2.3 lakh people. In Addition, the estimate of infrastructure and crop damage is in hundreds of crores.

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