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Rizzle, A Mini Web Series App For Those Breaks In-Between Work

| Published on November 24, 2020

All About it

Rizzle Series Binge-watching web-series has become the new weekend plan but have you ever heard about short web-series with 1-minute episodes? The most up and coming short video app Rizzle announces Rizzle Series, an amalgamation of all things trendy and crisp. The short web series under Rizzle Series contains 10 episodes of 1 minute each and every short episode is a delight in itself to binge-watch. A few minutes is all you need to get entertained, seriously!

Rizzle Series is introduced in an era of time-starved individuals who are constantly on the lookout for entertaining and crisp plots. These super-short, 60-second episodic series are tailor-made for an audience that is mobile and enjoy the convenience of a vertical screen. If you’re a fan of storytelling, Rizzle is the perfect destination for you. The app has a mix of both exclusive and non-exclusive web series starring content creators like This Is Sumesh, No Filter, Alrighty Media, etc.

While the OTT platform is mostly dominated by the horizontal web-series, Rizzle App’s attempt to launch the Rizzle Series is aimed at transcending the face of vertical web-series space. Study shows that 94% of people hold their mobile phones vertically while watching videos, hence vertical web-series are definitely going to be the next big thing. Rizzle App has identified the gap and has already taken steps towards building an independent, strong community of content creators who are focused on creating engaging content for the vertical screen. One such example is Rizzle Series Originals.

Here’s what Vidya Narayanan, CEO of Rizzle has to say about it. “Indian content creators are highly talented. After the ban of TikTok and other Chinese apps, we see an enormous adoption of Indian apps by such innovative talent in our country. Our PM’s Vocal for Local is our inspiration to take the homegrown app Rizzle to not just a local audience but to a global audience too. We acknowledge the limited number of platforms available for those who have a flair for creating original short content and to this end, we have launched “Rizzle Series Originals”. The hunt is aimed at nurturing the careers of our actors, producers, storytellers, YouTubers, and ex-TikTokers. Our program has been designed to support creators with financial assistance to produce their shows and series and take their careers to the next level.” The team at Rizzle is aggressively expanding the creator community to lock in thousands of original series with the potential to go viral and break the internet with the plot. Whether it’s talk shows or debate, short stories, or anything else that’s entertaining, Rizzle App is giving a platform to anyone who wants to try something new and creative.

Sakib, head of Marketing said, “Rizzle Series is all about fresh episodic content that can be consumed on the go. It’s unlike the usual dance, lipsync, and sketch-based content we usually come across. From all-new original shows to must-see Rizzle Series, the next new story will always be waiting for you!”

Sapna, head of Marketing shares, “Rizzle Series are mini versions of web series, allowing you to explore more content in less time.”

To sum it up, they’re quick vertical bites of captivating entertainment produced by the best talents across the globe. With such brilliant content on the app, all you need to do is download the Rizzle app and treat yourselves to the Journey of short series that will blow your minds with its freshness and concept.

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