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Restaurant Serves Samosas That Guarantees A Lot More Than Just Taste

| Published on April 29, 2022

India is a country of many cultures. With different cultures, there is one thing that comes as a common ground for us and that is food. No matter what part of the country you are from, food will always be your first love.

Despite the various dialects and languages, food is a language we all speak. While there are numerous food dishes that we could drool over together, we can all agree that Samosa is on everyone’s list.

There has been a surge in foodgram that we can all see on social media platforms. People share their mukbang challenges or simply a recipe that makes us all crave for more, social media is full of such posts. You can almost have a ‘foodgasm’ by just looking at these posts.

Foodgasm!… An interesting wordplay one would say. The word literally describes how food can make you experience happiness like no other.

A Twitter user has recently shared a picture of a restaurant that has adopted an interesting approach to attract customers. The restaurant’s board reads ‘Sharma Ji Ke Special Samose, Khate Khate Orgasm ho jaye’.

Sharma Ji Ka beta has always been at the bottom of all our jokes in India. But Sharma Ji Ke Samose attracted a lot more attention from netizens it seems.

Some of the tweets shared by people were hilarious as ever.

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