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Restaurant Offers Free Wifi To Customers But Not Everyone Can Crack The Password

| Published on September 11, 2021

Many restaurants & eateries nowadays offer a lot of value-added services to attract more customers. From having the most unique ambiance to a theme that gets everyone talking, restaurants and lounges have tried it all.

Recently, with the surge in the use of social media, many malls and restaurants had started offering free wifi to their customers. This has proven to be the best way to increase footfall.

However, to make things more interesting, a restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, Yaya’s Thai Restaurant is offering the wifi to its customers with the password written on a piece of paper stuck to a wall. The interesting part is, the wifi is in an equation form and not everyone can crack it.

The image of the unique wifi password was first shared by a Reddit user Joshua five years back who wrote, “This is the Wi-Fi password at a local Thai restaurant. I’m determined to join the network. Where are the math wizards at?”

This image started a frenzy of posts from curious heads who right away began to solve the equation and decipher the password.

There were many who thought that the answer would be a two-digit number, while many said that the password needs to be at least eight characters. There were some that believed that the equation is incorrect altogether.

It has been so many years since the post was shared on Reddit but it is still a mystery to many what the password is.

In fact, this restaurant is not the only one that has done such a stunt to attract customers, there have been many others in the state and in Asia as well where restaurant owners took up this unique way to cater to maths brainiacs specifically.

If you know somebody who can crack the equation do tag them in the comment section below.

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