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Report Shows How Regional Language News Channels Are Ruling Indian Election Results on YouTube

| Published on December 12, 2018

To market any product or service online, we need to learn what is trending in the digital world right now and which are the strategies companies are using to make engaging content. Writing about the rise of the Internet in India, we all know how video has emerged as the most used content type in a very short span of time.


To study what’s dominating in the election season, Vidooly- a platform that reveals stats about marketing and online content has released a report that shows that Indian regional channels are ruling the YouTube space right now. Being a country known for its cultures and different languages, the demand for regional content is at its peak.

Speaking about the YouTube landscape for News genre, all regional language news channels are winning the game in terms of views when compared with Hindi & English language news channel. Here is a list for news genre videos by tracking 290 different news channels using Vidooly’s Video Intelligence Tool using AI.

From the list, one can conclude that 54.84% of channels belonged to Hindi, English, Telugu & Tamil. Further breaking it, the Top 4 languages in terms of a number of active channels, Hindi leads with 33.45% followed by 9.66%, 7.59% & 4.14% from Telugu, Tamil & English respectively. Below are the leaders in the news category for different languages:

After Hindi and English, the list dominated by South Indian languages with Telugu leading the list followed by Tamil & Malayalam. Other regional languages with significant viewership include Gujurati, Kanada & Marathi. This clearly shows regional news channels are making their presence felt on YouTube and giving tough competition to majorly spoken languages Hindi & English.

We all know that TV leads by viewership, but considering the Internet boom in India, every news channel is making its presence felt on all the digital platforms pretending to any Breaking News related to India”


To give you an idea of this, last 6 months viewership and subscribers count of news channels clearly show that news channels are leading from the front by regional language content.

India is going to elections in 2019 and this can be counted as a peak season for all Indian news channels on YouTube until the end of the Marathon general elections in 2019. From now on politicians have started the preparation for 2019 and so are the news channels covering each activity and uploading each video slices to YouTube instantly. In order to dive deeper into the regional YouTube channels covering Indian elections, we need to know the current regional language distribution on YouTube’s platform.

We hope this viewership data tracked by Vidooly Team would be very helpful for brands looking to use this period to buy ad slots in news channels based on languages.

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