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Replying To Rejection Email With A Meme Landed This Woman A Job Interview

| Published on July 23, 2022

How often have you lucked out in getting a job interview after getting rejected? The chances are slim. But this woman apparently got one after replying to a rejection mail with a meme. Surprising right?

TikTok user @swedishswan was desperately looking for a job. One day, she woke up to another rejection mail and she badly wanted this job.

Her reaction?

She decided to try it the Gen Z way and replied to the rejection letter with a meme. That’s right. What better way to accept rejection than with humour?

You must have come across this famous meme of the painting with Pope Leo X by Fernando Botero. The phrase beneath this meme reads, ‘y tho?’. And just like she predicted, the company got back wanting to interview her after all.

y tho | Marketing Mind

A number of netizens wrote back to her congratulating her on this lucked-out success.

Her inbox was filled with love and congratulatory messages. Some even agreed how responding to a rejection message or mail actually landed them their jobs as well.

Moral of the story?

Rejection doesn’t have to be hard. If you know you’re fit for a job and can do your best in getting it, take that extra leap of faith.

And memes make everything better. The internet is flooded with it, and maybe your next recruiter might just love the idea of it.

Who knows? Luck might be in your favour this time.

Source: Times Now News

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