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Remembering ‘Tom and Jerry’ and Reminiscing Our Childhood Days Through Gene Deitch’s Contribution

| Published on May 2, 2020

The Oscar-winning animator of the popular cartoon show, ‘Tom and Jerry’, passed away at the age of 95 recently. Gene Deitch won 3 Oscar nominations throughout his life and the news of his demise was revealed by his publisher, Petr Himmel. Don’t you miss coming back from school and tuning in to watch Cartoon Network’s most popular show, back in the day?

Oscar-winning illustrator Gene Deitch | Facebook

Tom and Jerry has been a favourite for everyone growing up at the start of the 20th century. Tom’s ridiculous attempts at catching Jerry was a delight to watch and grow up to. The show had 162 episodes aired between 1940 to 2004 and in the year 2006, another show called ‘The Tom and Jerry Tales’ was released.

Deitch was responsible for direction 13 episodes of this popular children’s show. Did you also know that he directed an animated a few episodes of another cartoon show called ‘Popeye: The Sailor Man’? Fans all over the world have mourned his death with sweet posts and messages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


And we’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say that the cartoons of today do not stand a chance in comparison to the number of hilarious shows we grew up with? We have all the ‘Tom and Jerry’ episodes lined up to watch in the weekend. Do you? If you’re looking to go back in memory lane, check out all the available episodes on YouTube.

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