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Reliance SMART’s Digital Campaign, #NayiShuruaat, Teaches Us The Importance Of New Beginnings

| Published on January 8, 2019

Reliance SMART’s new digital campaign, #NayiShuruaat is a heartfelt movement, which stresses the importance of nurturing old relationships, even ones that have faded away.

It’s quite easy to claim that you’ll turn a new leaf and make a new start this year. In fact, that may have been your new year resolution as well.

But these are hollow promises that you make to yourself unless you actually make an effort of reviving relationships and bonds with your loved ones.

And that is exactly what #NayiShuruaat is all about.

In a video released by Reliance SMART, we come across two aged men, with veteran actor Asrani starring in it. The video shows twin brothers, who had drifted apart 50 years ago when one of the brothers married the other’s sweetheart.

But now, their families urge them to move past the event and let bygones be bygones. You see, conflicts are a part of life. But what matters is how you deal with them, especially when it comes to family members.

Do you nurture a grudge in your heart and shut them out? Or do you learn to move past it, and accept life as it is?

This new year, make a pledge – a promise, to yourself, that you’ll make a genuine effort to mend broken relationships and start over anew. After all, everyone deserves a second chance.

If anything, the heart touching campaign by Reliance SMART teaches us that life’s fleeting, and if you’re getting a chance at a new beginning, don’t let it go.

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