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Reliance & Microsoft Planning To Focus On B2B Market Together

| Published on February 25, 2020

During a conversation with Microsoft chief executive officer, Satya Nadella at the Future Decoded CEO 2020 Summit in Mumbai, Mukesh Ambani said that Reliance Industries’ partnership with Microsoft will be the defining partnership of the decade.

Ambani further congratulated Nadella for his leadership of the organization,

I congratulate you for your leadership at Microsoft and the transformation you have brought about. I also thank you on behalf of all of us for the scale at which you have committed to India. Even some years ago, we would not have anticipated it.

Referring to India’s transformations over the years from a $300 billion economy in the early 1990s to becoming a $3 trillion economy in 2020, Ambani said that India is on track to become one of the top three economies of the world.

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During his conversation, Ambani also talked about his father and how he started the Reliance Industries.

My father founded Reliance 40 years ago as a startup with one table and one chair. Then it grew into a micro enterprise, a small enterprise, and now, we can call it a large enterprise. Every shopkeeper and entrepreneur in India can become Dhirubhai Ambani one day.

Microsoft and Reliance have entered into strategic business partnerships to roll out a fully-enabled tech platform for businesses enterprises of all sizes and types.

Reliance has focused more on the consumer sector but now the companies have decided to target the B2B market.

Nadella said that the mission of Microsoft is to help the organization to become independent, not dependent, to build their own Artificial Intelligence and other tech capabilities, and tech intensity.

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