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Reliance Fresh & SMART Superstore Pay Emotional Tribute To Mother India With #BharatMaaKeLiye Campaign

| Published on May 11, 2020

This year, International Mother’s Day was different for everyone because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even in such conditions, brands are trying their best to inspire people so that they can go through this tough situation smoothly and prepare for the better future. With a similar aim, Reliance Fresh and SMART superstore, the supermarket brands from Reliance Retail, launched a digital campaign #BharatMaaKeLiye.

About the campaign

The #BharatMaaKeLiye campaign highlights a completely new meaning to mother’s day by relating mother to a much larger and powerful cause. As a part of this campaign, a special video has been launched featuring Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana. Ayushmann can be seen talking about Mother India and her condition in the occurring times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The situation has been conveyed using a beautiful concept of showing Mother India’s condition in three different situations. The video starts with pre lockdown period showing people in Mother India were busy in their daily lives.

Next, the video displays the current situation where people are living under lockdown and how everything looks so silent while Mother India, just like any mother is unhappy seeing her children in sorrow.

The third and the best part about the video shows Indians coming together against the crisis helping Mother India return to her true nature.

What experts say

Speaking about the campaign Damodar Mall Chief Executive Officer – Grocery Retail said

“The biggest symbol of our collective feelings during these taxing times, is Bharat Ma. We are happy that Mr. Ayushman Khurana has given expression to our sentiments towards Bharat Ma, this Mother’s Day.”

Speaking about the campaign Lalatendu Panda, Chief Marketing Officer, Reliance Retail Value Format (Reliance Fresh and Smart)

“In recent years, Mother’s Day has been gaining wide spread traction, especially on Social Media. But keeping in mind challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, we wanted to take a more nuanced stance by paying tribute to the shared Indian spirit & love for Bharat Maa. As a responsible brand and an integral part of the community, we are putting across a simple message – Only a collective resolve to maintain discipline and patience can restore our nation to its rightful state of happiness.”

All in all, the #BharatMaaKeLiye campaign beautifully conveys that Mother India’s lost happiness is in our hands and to make things better, we all must act responsibly and follow the rules of this lockdown. Yes, it is tough but it is important for the safety of Mother India. The campaign also gives a ray of hope that everything will be fine if we stay positive during this period.

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