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Redmi Note 7S Bursts Into Flames; Xiaomi’s Reply Is Going Viral

| Published on November 19, 2019

With the emergence of technology, smartphones have seen a surge in design & the latest technological upgrades. Every brand is fighting to launch the biggest screen or the best camera.

But with the growing competition to be the best many brands are known to lag behind in the quality of their products. For instance, we all know how Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saw cases of instant combustion. Many users have filed complaints when their Galaxy phones had burst into flames.

The reputation of the Samsung phone was so bad that many airlines had banned the phone on their flights.

But the phone that has been accepted by the customers with open arms that proved to be above all when it came to performance was Redmi Note series.

Redmi Note 7S Bursting Into Flames

Redmi Note 7S which was released in May 2019 received a lot of good reviews and feedback from its customers. Even now, there have been no major issues reported with the phone. Except for the one.

Reportedly, Chavhan Ishwar, a Xiomi user, is facing a lot of issues from his Note 7S.

According to Mr. Chavhan, he bought the Redmi Note 7S from Flipkart and has been using it since October 2019. Almost a month later on 02 Nov 2019, his phone burst into flames.

Redmi Note 7S

He had placed his Redmi Note 7S on top of a table while he was working. Suddenly, there was a burning smell in the office and it turned out that his new phone was burning.

The transparent cover was already melting and the phone was very hot. From the report, he wasn’t charging the phone and never dropped or mishandle the device. As expected, he contacted a Xiaomi authorized store in Thane and it was difficult to extract his SIM due to the severe burn.

Xiaomi’s take on the matter.

However, Xiaomi‘s response on the matter was entirely different. After a couple of days of analyzing the burnt handset, the company’s analyst claims to have found some abnormality in the burnt marks. Apparently, the battery does not come under the companies warranty policy.

Redmi Note 7S

They have denied him a replacement of a new phone on the foundings and said that the damages are “customer induced”.

However, Chawan is not happy with the response and is surely one of its kind.

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