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Reddit Launches Contributor Program To Reward Users With Real Money

Reddit users can now earn actual money for their contributions on a monthly basis.

| Published on September 26, 2023

Social media platforms are becoming creator focused as they know that rewarding them is important to stay in this competitive industry. Recently, X (now Twitter) created buzz for starting to pay users for their content, and now Reddit has also announced their new Contributor Program, under which the platform will pay money to qualifying Redditors for their viral posts. 


The company announced this on Monday via a blog post that states updates for their Reddit Gold and Rolling Out. This new Contributor Program has been rolled out in the US first across web and native apps.

Here are some key points about the Reddit Contributor Program:

The new gold system has simplified the process by replacing coins and associated awards with gold upvotes.

To earn money with this program, you must be 18+ years old, residing in a supported location (US to start).

Members will get payments on a monthly basis, and the amount will be calculated according to the amount of karma earned and gold received on the eligible contributions.

This is a great move by Reddit as active members can now monetize their engagement, and users will get high-quality content because community members will try to add value to get the rewards.

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