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Reasons Why Vivo Signed Sara Ali Khan As Its New Brand Ambassador

| Published on July 23, 2019

Sara Ali Khan, the most renowned youth icon of the Bollywood industry, was roped in by Vivo as its brand ambassador for its upcoming S series.

For the above question, let us take a different angle of understanding the unique features of both the parties, i.e. Sara Ali Khan and Vivo.

1. Stylish

Sara has a unique fashion sense and is perceived to have an expressive and inventive style as an actress in the Bollywood industry. She always keeps herself up-to-date with the latest trends.

2. Fun

No one denies that Sara is witty. In most of her interviews, the carefully crafted clever answers strike people with awe and leave them amazed. It is not just fun to hear but also a very good escape to avoid any controversies.

3. Vigor

She also portrays physical strength and fitness as a role model for many of the youngsters. She is captured on cameras, hitting the gym regularly, and keeping herself fit and healthy.

Now, let us relate these unique characteristics of Sara with the brand’s motives in its upcoming S series:

1. The upcoming series of Vivo smartphones is having its major focus on the stylish look that can be portrayed by Sara in her own unique way.
2. The other major focus is its camera, which can be a fun element for the users.
3. The brand is also focusing on strengthening the product, both internally and externally, along with powerful features.

The Perfect Amalgamation

While on one hand, the brand is elated to be associated with Sara Ali Khan for its S1 series, Sara also appreciates the camera and design of the Oppo smartphones and seems to be extremely excited to join hands with Vivo. She also believes that S1 will surely be a trendsetter in the Indian market.

One of the best performers

It has been evident in the past few years that Vivo has caught the smartphone industry by surprise, obviously with innovation, as well as its marketing strategy. Some of the masterstrokes were – Aamir Khan as the new brand ambassador, title sponsor for IPL and PKL and the clever appearance in KBC!

It registered a 119 percent growth Y-o-Y in the Q1 2019 reports. The results have been fabulous and the company eyes on building a strong foundation to create a successful long-term brand in India.

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