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Reasons Why Vivo Chose Sara Ali Khan As Their New Chief Style Icon

| Published on June 8, 2021

Vivo’s upcoming Y-series devices are going to be promoted by Bollywood’s renowned, Sara Ali Khan. She has been onboarded as the company’s newest ‘ Chief Style Icon’ in order to promote the upcoming products which are going to be a focus on the style and design along with the latest technology that the product has to offer to its consumers.

Sara ali khan

So why Sara Ali Khan?

We all know that she has become one of the top choices as a brand ambassador for brands across diverse sectors. With just 2 years in showbiz, she has become a mascot for all high-end brands and made quite a mark in the industry.

Massive Social Following

Her social media handles boast of figures which easily run in millions and result in a mass appeal. Since her following results with the age group that all brands are trying to reach out to as their target audience is set in the same bracket, she becomes a perfect opinion leader to spread awareness through.

Youth Icon

sara ali khan vivo ad

Her personality resonates with the youth and she easily leaves a mark overall young personas. Her endorsements also reflect the kind of appeal that a youngster looks for and as a result, builds a connection with the audience. Her versatility in the roles that she has played on screen also compliments her personality.

She is someone who is not afraid to speak her mind and showcases her bubbly and vibrant personality across all the appearances that she makes. Her demeanor is strong and her charisma replicates the kind of voice any brand wants to be represented with. She is easily regarded as someone who is spontaneous and holds an audience captivated by any performance.

When it comes to Vivo, the actress has been in association with the brand for quite some time now. Her association with Vivo has built the image of the brand to be as contemporary and full of life as she is.

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