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Reasons Why Rolls Royce Has Started Making Honey

| Published on May 1, 2020

In recent news, the luxury imported automobile brand Rolls Royce shifted to producing tonnes of honey in an unbelievable move. It isn’t every day that we see car brands making edibles, and Rolls Royce has definitely amused us. However, it comes at a time when the entire world is suffering because of the coronavirus outbreak. Why do you think Rolls Royce shifted to manufacturing, honey? We’ll tell you why.

Did you know that Rolls-Royce is a honey producer? - No1GeekFun

World’s Most Exclusive Honey

While most companies are turning towards sanitiser production, Rolls Royce went a step ahead to introduce a brand of honey that was exclusive because of the British carmaker’s name.

Conserving Britain’s Bee Population

By housing 42 acres of land in their Goodwin Apiary, the company has started the harvesting of honey to preserve the bee population of Britain. Since bees are among the most powerful pollinators linking other fraternities in the agricultural department, this move comes as an aid for farmers as well to create novel flower-rich lines and improve the pollination process.

We think this move is great for budding agriculturalists and bee cultivators in Britain. As exciting as it sounds, we are hopeful of seeing how easily Rolls Royce will be able to sell their honey, because of the brand sake alone or also because the flavour will actually stand out in comparison to other brands.

Source: Economic Times

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