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Reasons Why Reebok’s Chose Katrina Kaif As Its New Brand Ambassador

| Published on July 4, 2019

Reebok is a fitness brand, which has recently roped in Katrina Kaif as its brand ambassador. Reebok is as English footwear and apparel company, that produces and distributes fitness, running and CrossFit sportswear along with clothing.

Katrina Kaif

Why have they chosen Katrina?

1. Celebrity

First of all, Reebok will have a solid advantage in the range of its audience, due to the Bollywood Star’s fan following. It will be able to spread its reach to millions of fans.

2. Fitness enthusiast

Katrina herself is a fitness enthusiast, who trains hard towards a fitter and better self, each day. She totally embodies the brand’s ethos, which is fitness.

3. Inspiration

Katrina Kaif, at this age of her life, is an inspiration to all the middle-aged people, as well as the youth. As it is the older generation seeks inspiration from her, but even today’s generation derives the inspiration from her.

4. Disciplined

Katrina is always disciplined when it comes to fitness. She serves as a motivation for the need to be fit, just as the brand does, serves as a motivation to be stronger every day.

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Excitement- Both Ways!

The excitement of joining hands have been mutual from both the sides of the table.

1. Reebok is more than happy to rope in Katrina as their brand ambassador, which will help them to make people’s life better by inspiring them for a fitter life. They are adamant to become the best fitness brand in India, and what more can you ask from Bollywood for fitness. Katrina is the queen of fitness. She has kept herself fit, at this age, she looks like a youngster.

2. Katrina is also equally happy to endorse the brand, because of their commitment to bring a change and enable people to harness their latent potential. Being a fitness freak herself, she herself is a huge fan of Reebok’s products because of their style, quality, innovation, and comfort.

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Reebok is ready to kick-start its association with Katrina Kaif, and also has several exciting collaborations in wait, in the upcoming months.

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