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Reasons Why Online Sales Of Condoms Are Rising

| Published on December 2, 2019

In a country like India where SEX is still considered as a Taboo to talk in most cities, the topic of condoms becomes more important to share.

Also because of the fact that Indian authorities banned Condom ads on Indian television from 10 am to 6 pm shows us that the situation is difficult to improve in the coming days.


Interestingly some recent researches by Snapdeal reveal that 56% of its total sale of condoms comes from its tier-3 cities and beyond. This makes us conclude that people in rural India are actually more comfortable in buying condoms from online platforms rather than offline retail stores. Now, what makes them do so?

Fear of getting judged offline

Knowing the fact that people in small cities have the fear of getting judged and retailers can be among their knowns which makes them feel shy while asking for condoms. Also, most Condom brands believe in advertising their products by keeping the aim normalising the conservation around sex.

Social Media Marketing by Condom brands

Brands like Durex and Manforce are very active on social media and use Moment Marketing in the perfect way. This helps them to connect with online audience encouraging them to feel that sex is part of life.

Growth of sexual wellness startups


Also, with growth of online stores that sell products like sensual lingeries and sexual lubricants, people feel comfortable buying condoms online.

“Considering the continuing hesitation around the subject of sex and its education, people are still reluctant to purchase condoms from a store. Online marketplaces have become a go-to place as it provides discreet and hassle-free purchase, which has led to increasing volumes,” a Snapdeal spokesperson said.

Quote Source: BusinessInsider

Not only this, E-commerce platforms do offer some great discount offers that make people lookout for the online buying option.

Do you prefer buying condoms online or offline? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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