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Reasons Why iPhone SE Is Apple’s Best Customization For Indian Market

| Published on April 16, 2020

India is the most unique marketplace in the world. Strategies that work in most countries might not even be able to make you a single sale here. Well, we are exaggerating, a few sales still happen, but what we want to convey here is to sell something in India, one has to think like Indians. And it is simple- value for money.

It is the only mantra here if you want to stay here long. Initially, Apple took some time, but now they have been using a similar philosophy over the years.

Reasons Why iPhone SE Is Apple’s Best Customization For Indian Market

Apple has launched the iPhone SE, and most people after analyzing it saying one thing, iPhone SE is shockingly good value.

It’s the sequel to 2016’s iPhone SE, but still, called the iPhone SE. It’s bigger, and it’s better. And taking into account the four-year gap, it is also cheaper starting at Rs 42,500. The original model was launched at a base price of Rs 39,000.

Now let’s understand why iPhone SE is Apple’s one of the best products for the Indian market.


Reasons Why iPhone SE Is Apple’s Best Customization For Indian Market

iPhone SE has a premium all-metal design and powerful hardware. The iPhone SE in 2020 has a 4.7-inch display. The body is around 5.5-inch though. The biggest reason to buy the iPhone SE will be its powerful hardware though the iPhone SE has the same core innards as the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.


iPhone SE running Apple’s latest and greatest iOS 13 operating system with a guarantee of upwards of four years of major iOS updates — at least.

An iPhone powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic processor can wipe the floor with any new Android phone out there rocking the latest and greatest Qualcomm/Exynos/Kirin chip — with power to spare.

The A13 Bionic and its eight-core neural engine is what will also bring high-end photography elements to the iPhone SE.


Reasons Why iPhone SE Is Apple’s Best Customization For Indian Market

Apple is using the same 12MP f/18 main camera with OIS inside the iPhone SE as the iPhone 11 with a few limitations. You can say that the camera on this one will be closer to the iPhone XR in terms of functionality.

Variants and other features

iPhone SE will be available in three configurations, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Expandable storage is not an option, like all iPhones. Also, like the iPhone 8, the iPhone SE doesn’t have a headphone jack either. It still charges via Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector. There’s also wireless charging. And the iPhone SE is also IP67-certified for water and dust resistance.

In nutshell, the iPhone SE in 2020 is an iPhone 11 trapped inside the body of an iPhone 8. That’s why iPhone SE is considered Apple’s best customization for the Indian market.

Source: Financialexpress

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