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Reasons Why Google Pixel 4 Is Not Launching In India

| Published on October 18, 2019

Google is recognized for its updated technology and amazing marketing. Infact, it tied up with LG for Nexus phones which performed very well in the market during its days.

However, when Google decided to be on its own in the smartphone market and launched Google Pixel, the journey has been bittersweet. The launches of the first few phones did well while the later ones didn’t perform well in the Indian market, due to high prices and very tough competition.

What is the new story?

Well, it hasn’t come to many as a surprise that Google has decided against launching its new Google Pixel 4 models in India. Yes, Google’s new phones will not be officially launched or available in the nation. It recently launched the phone at its Made by Google hardware event in New York where it was found that Indians would only know the features and not get to try them. It will be launching in 53 countries and India isn’t one of them.

But, why?

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are designed with recent technology that equips them with stunning yet doubtful features. The company has baked a Soli radar chip in the top bezel which allows users to use hand gestures like a wave over the screen to control the phone. Yet, one doesn’t know how useful and satisfying it will be for users as of now.

Now, the chip has a requirement. It operates in a 57 to 64GHz (V band) frequency which in India is regulated by the government. Google has failed to get permission for this frequency band and hence loses out on the most important feature of Pixel phones. The motion gestures which are the USP of the phone launch will not exist and the chip will be rendered useless.

Considering the high pricing of the phone and then if the main feature is unavailable, it was very possible that the phone would fail in the Indian market. Yet, Google is willing to continue its plan in India with future launches and being more consumer-centric for the Indian market.

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