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Reasons Why ‘Food Courts’ Are Always On Top Floor Of Shopping Malls

| Published on September 7, 2021

We have all been fascinated with the concept of a shopping mall. A shopping mall was first built in India in the late 1980s. Since then, the infrastructure within has only evolved for the better.

A mall is no longer just about shopping. From finding every leading apparel brand in the country, the malls also house many other stores like electronics, cosmetics, furnishing, etc.

However, the one thing that almost every shopping mall has in the world is a food court. A food court is that segment of the mall where all the mouthwatering tempting delicacies are available. Since all that walking and shopping can burn a lot of your calories, the mall owners ensure that you get your energy back and more.

Reasons Why 'Food Courts' Are Always On Top Floor Of Shopping Malls

But have you ever noticed that the entertainment segment like the multiplex and a food court are always on the top floor of the mall? This is not a coincidence and has a very sort after the reason for its placement there.

1. Exclusiveness

It is said that since the food courts are huge and require a lot of seating space along with numerous food outlets, it only makes sense to put them on the topmost floor apart from other shops and outlets.

Reasons Why 'Food Courts' Are Always On Top Floor Of Shopping Malls

2. Ease of Operation

With many food outlets available, a food court requires enough space and ventilation to operate. In order to avoid any sort of discomfort to the customers in terms of space and ease of movement, a food court is placed on the very top of a mall.

3. Human Behaviour

It can be said that it is only human behavior to get distracted by the fragrance of a scrumptious meal. If, for instance, a food court was to be placed on the ground floor, it might make people not want to explore the rest of the mall.

Reasons Why 'Food Courts' Are Always On Top Floor Of Shopping Malls

4. Strategic Placement

As we have already discussed that a food court is something people enjoy spending time at, malls place them on the top purposely. On their way, people might feel encouraged to explore the shops on the lower floors and shop on their way to the food court even if they hadn’t intended to buy anything.

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