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Reasons Why Brands Are Shifting Towards OTT Platforms For Advertising

| Published on March 24, 2022

OTT platforms gained considerable importance during the pandemic. A considerable shift has occurred in viewership with more and more people turning to Ott platforms for their daily dose of entertainment. Also, an increasing number of brands too are utilizing this method to explore and reach their target audiences. But why does this medium attract more advertising and why is the focus shifting from TV and OOH mediums towards OTT? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

1. A niche audience

The television or OOH media serves a larger audience, whereas OTT platforms have a niche audience to cater too. Also, including an OTT marketing strategy, helps increase audience engagement, due to increase in ad relevance for the correct audience.

2. Larger pool of viewers

Ever since the pandemic struck, people have been seen switching to OTT platforms for entertainment. The viewer rate has boomed considerably, since it is more of a personal medium of entertainment made available for specific and relevant audiences. It involves directly communicating with the audiences. Here view completion rates are higher, as skipping ads is not an available option, though ads play only when the viewer chooses to view entertainment.

Though majorly, television is by large a family-oriented mode of entertainment, involving many to co-sit and view, connection with the relevant audience fails, with all age groups viewing ads relevant for a specific age group.

3. Change in dynamics of entertainment

In recent times, preferences for traditional television is diminishing. With entertainment becoming more and more individualistic and favored, people in one family want to watch different genres. The answer to satisfying this demand lies in OTT, where every individual is free to watch entertainment, in the genre that appeals to them, according to his or her own wish

4. Potent and number-oriented

OTT advertising is data-driven. It is a medium in conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time. It is dynamic too, as it can cater to different audiences by conveying customized versions of an ad. This makes OTT a factual, research based and realistic approach to advertise. Television cannot do this.

5. Incorporating different formats in advertising

The OTT platforms are using various formats of advertising like content integration in the story. A shining example of this is the web series Kota Factory, that beautifully weaved Unacademy snippets and props at the right places. The OTT method is more interactive with their target audiences, and also communicate at an insightful level with polls, quizzes and games.

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