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Reasons Why Bollywood Movies Are Released Mostly On Friday

| Published on March 31, 2020

Being an Indian also means being a movie buff. We as an audience get pretty excited about new releases as well as the old classic re-runs. Now have you ever wondered why our movies always get released on a Friday?

The first thought that comes to our minds is undoubtedly the weekend factor. But wait! there is more to it. We came across a Quora theory that seemed pretty interesting.

The writer Samarth Goyal, a pop-culture enthusiast, was happy to shed some light and share his views on the said topic. So, here are some of his theories as to why Bollywood movies get released on a Friday.

  • The first was the weekend factor as we all know. Since most of us have a 5 day a week job with Saturdays & Sundays off (mostly), Friday evening becomes a day of partying, relaxing and making plans with your loved ones. Hence what better day to release your movie for getting the best earnings in return.
  • Not just Friday, Saturday & Sunday adds up to the earnings of the movie the most. These further theories will help us understand better. Most offices and even markets have an off on Sunday, so people of even the middle classes go to watch movies on Sundays and Saturday nights.

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  • Some retailers and special markets, like the cloth market in Delhi is off not on Saturday and Sunday but on Monday, so as a result a lot of people go to watch movies on Sunday night and on Monday mornings.
  • Most students who are in school have an off either on both Saturday and Sunday or on Sunday at least. This increases the audience who will watch a movie.

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  • Apart from the above, the fact that we follow the Hollywood culture that also releases its movies on the weekends, especially Friday.
  • But did you know that there is also a commercial aspect to it? The screening fee that producers have to pay to multiplex owners is higher for days other than Friday.

Friday release is undoubtedly the best time for a movie to hit the screens as it ensures that the movie theatres will receive a footfall in large numbers and will continue for a day or two ensuring the best collections.

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