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Reasons Why Apple Continues To Dominate Global Wearable Market

| Published on August 24, 2021

Apple’s revenue report in the fiscal Q3 2021 stated that its revenue from its Wearables, Home, and Accessories (WHA) segment exceeded revenues of the iPad and Mac segments.

The Company posted a June quarter record revenue of $81.4 billion, up 36 percent year over year, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $1.30.

Apple has been leading not only the smartphone segment but the wearable market as well. With a surge in its sale post pandemic, here are the reasons why the company plans to rule the market further.

Wide Range Of Features

Apple wearable comes with abundant features so to say. What started as a fitness watch, soon offered services like no other. It not only tracks your steps but can be so much more like an ECG generator to sending help in emergencies.

Authentic & Genuine Products

Apple as a brand is known to have authentic products. From smartphones to wearables and other accessories, Apple products are known to have the best quality in the market. This has enabled the brand to maintain a stronghold amongst its customers as they have a trust factor while purchasing Apple products.

Engaging User Interface

Apple may not have invented many of the features that we see today in the wearable range. However, it surely has added a unique signature that only Apple products have. The memoji feature in the Apple Watch Active 2 enables its customers to have a sense of belonging with customized emojis.

Fashionable & Status Symbol

Apple products are synonymous with luxury and status. People who buy Apple products and are loyal customers enjoy the social acknowledgment that they receive. However, it is also true that the status symbol is just an addon, many users have become used to the UI and enjoy it above anything else.

Pre-established User base

Image Source: Counterpoint Research

Apple has been the most popular brand when it comes to smartphones. It has been the number 1 in terms of sales for many consecutive years. This gives the Apple wearables an advantage as the Apple customers are expected to opt for Apple accessories generally.

Post Pandemic Surge

Apple Watch sale surged during and post the pandemic largely. This surge was driven by the gadget’s health-focused features like, a handwashing timer, blood oxygen sensor, fall detection, irregular heart rate (Afib) notifications, and an EKG.

Lag In Competetor’s Innovation

Apple’s competitors are currently far behind in terms of sales, performance, and innovation. Google is planning to launch a consolidation of Wear OS, Fitbit, and Samsung’s Tizen OS under its new Wear platform. All these products are set for launch later this year. However, it will need brilliant developer support and consumer engagement to create a much needed buzz that would reflect in its sales.

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