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Reasons Why KTM Has Become India’s Fastest Growing Motorcycle Brand

| Published on March 30, 2018

The sales of KTM’s bikes in India are on the rise, and it a great thing because KTM has managed to grow in the time when the market is not at its best plus competitors, are trying every possible way to increase sales. Founded in the year 1934, the parent company of KTM had to split into four organisations because of some financial problems in 1992. Since then, this sportbike maker hasn’t looked back and achieved new heights with time.


Owned by KTM Industries AG & Bajaj Auto KTM has become the fastest growing motorcycle brand in India. To reveal the reasons for same we have made some research to help our readers to understand the marketing strategies that helped KTM in all these years. Have a look at some of the main points for the success of KTM:

1. Focussing on emerging markets


All successful brands have one similar strategy that they know how to cope up with the changes in their specific industries. KTM didn’t choose to fight with other brands, instead, it created its own path by making the type of bikes that were never seen before in countries like India.

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2. Pricing


Price is a big factor for any product and KTM’s rates made Indians to try this brand. Also, KTM has been focusing on making bikes that require low maintenance. KTM is known as a premium brand and is selling bikes at mid-premium prices. It attracts the people with mindsets of buying a luxurious looking motorcycle at affordable prices.

3. Promotions

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Marketing is not about making and distributing a product perfectly but correct promotion is also needed to beat competitors. KTM knows its benefits and always comes with promotions that look relatable to the type of bikes it makes. the target audience of KTM is the youth and especially guys who love to have adventures. The company uses multiple promotion methods including social media, Youtube, billboards, print media and magazines.

4. Strategic partnerships


The growth of any brand depends on the expansion strategies. Yes, it is difficult to start something but expanding the business is a different thing and requires a lot of partnerships with brands which are already successful. After partnering with Bajaj, KTM has become Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and the effect can be seen in Indian market too.

We believe KTM’s growth has become possible due to multiple reasons like quality products, expansion of network, affordable premium bike experience.

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