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Is It Really Ramadan Without Rooh Afza As Tang Enters The Feast !

| Published on June 26, 2017

Mondelez-owned beverage brand Tang is trying to get into the market during the holy month of Ramadan in India. Rooh Afza is one of the most popular drinks during this period both in India and Pakistan as most of their sales occurs during this time span. There is a noteworthy of 20% hike in their sales during Ramadan.

What’s The Story?

People are nostalgically attached to Rooh Afza during the Iftar parties. Thus Tang may find it tough to get into this competition. Tang is the drink of choices in places like Indonesia, Malaysia and the Middle East. There is a noteworthy rise of about 200% in markets of UAE and Saudi Arabia for Tang during Ramadan. To most surprise according to the companies sources almost half of the annual sales take place in this six weeks itself!

In 2016, Tang, which is sold in 35 countries, had global revenue of nearly $900 million.


Now, Tang wants to establish its market in India too . So it came up with a new campaign. It launched a television commercial named ‘Maa Ke Haath Ka Pyaar’ which starts with a family scene. It showcases a festive environment where a family is seen to enjoy being together. There is food and lights and obviously a large jug of Tang to make the celebrations more special.

Amit Shah, Associate director, marketing,said,

“With this campaign, we have tried to explore synergies between the festivities of Eid that resonates well with Tang’s brand proposition of bringing families together. Tang due to its ease of preparation and energizing fruity taste serves as an ideal beverage after a daylong fast.”

Target Areas

Mondelez has earlier launched campaigns in 2013 in two places in India – Kerala and Kashmir. So, this is not their first campaign in India. This time they are looking forward to target the key places in India like the states of Kerala, West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The ad appears on Zee Zindagi which broadcasts Pakistani shows. They also made campaigns on social platforms like Facebook hoping to attract a huge part of the audience and establish their market in India too.

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