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Real Reason Why Every Bottle Of Heinz Has Number ’57’ On It

| Published on September 28, 2022

The number 57 has been associated with Heinz, for more than a century now. This number is central to the brand’s identity, with the term ’57 varieties’ naturally making one think of 57 condiments available from the Heinz camp.

However, ’57 varieties’ don’t really mean much and were just a gimmick by Heinz founder Henry J Heinz.

Though it is easy to give up, a section of every bottle of Heinz ketchup has the number embossed on it. Naturally, anyone would think of the number being related to the number of either products or flavors or even the year of inception.

But today there are more than 100 varieties of Heinz, and the number 57 has been more tactical than associative.

And the real reason was recently shared on the Trivia area of the Heinz website. The reason is that if you firmly tap the bottle on number 57, the sauce will leave the bottle at extra speed.

Thus, the number has been placed in a calculated and strategic manner. It is the best spot to tap on to get the sauce out efficiently and quickly.

Now, how did this idea occur to its founder?

While visiting New York City in 1896, Henry Heinz came across an advertisement for ‘21 styles of shoes’. This fascinated him and he thought of attaching a number to his brand. He was of the opinion that the number would go a long way in establishing a connection as well as recall, and recognition with customers.

There are various theories regarding why did he zero in on the number 57. But within a week of seeing the ‘21 styles of shoes’ ad, the ’57 varieties’ catchphrase was visible everywhere. And even today, it is seen on Heinz’s ketchup bottles!

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