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Ratan Tata’s Reveals His Story Of Ups & Downs, Lost Love & Separated Parents

| Published on February 15, 2020

Ratan Tata is one of the most inspirational, looked-over and successful businessmen of India who is known for his never-ending efforts that had triumphantly raised the level of Tata Group of Industries.

Recently, in conversation with Humans of Bombay, Mr. Tata has opened up about various aspects of his early childhood, separation of parents and lost love. Let’s get into details.
Ratan tata story

Ratan Tata’s Childhood

If we talk about divorce, they are still considered as a hush-talk in India and families still do not allow it to themselves or their children as it is still a big taboo. And in his times, Ratan Tata and his brother faced extreme discomfort when the parents got separated and the discomfort was also followed by ragging they both suffered in school.

At that time, the only support they had was their grandmother who taught them how to keep their dignity no matter what! A lesson Mr. Tata still counts on and carries along in every circumstance.

“I remember, after WW2, she took my brother & I for the summer holidays to London. It was there that the values were really hammered in. She’d tell us, ‘don’t say this’ or ‘keep quiet about that’ & that’s where ‘dignity above everything else’ really embedded in our minds”, said Mr. Tata

Studies & The Lost Love

He has always witnessed a strong difference and opposition in his and his father’s behavior and traits. He wanted to be an architect but his father wanted him to pursue mechanical engineering, one of the big examples of it.

He felt extremely worthy and confident when he was graduated in architecture at Cornell as his grandmother always taught him to speak up for what feels right and maintain dignity at the same time. When he completed college, he successfully landed a job in LA, fell in love with a girl and almost got married.

As he was away from his grandmother for a long time who was also not doing well, he decided to pay her a visit but his lover’s parents did not like her going to India due to bad circumstances around them and the relationship had to fall apart.
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