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Ratan Tata Backed Couplepreneurs’ Idea, Repos Energy All Set To Get Big

| Published on May 23, 2021

Working around the concept of “Dead Mileage”, this couplepreneur is set to bring about the next big thing with their venture, Repos Energy.

A relentless and positive idea which formed ‘Repos Energy’, today the company is being backed by none other than the famous Ratan Tata. The concept of their entrepreneurial venture is a solution to solve the problem of dead mileage which happens when a commercial transit utility is being used for a purpose that otherwise was not been necessitated, for instance, taking a car to the petrol pump for a refuel.

In order to solve this solution, the couple came up with the idea of delivering diesel to one’s doorstep. Every day, millions of commercial vehicles take a route to the fuel station which causes unnecessary consumption of fuel that can otherwise be curtailed and also become a measure to reduce pollution. Repos Energy essentially solves this problem and delivers diesel to the end-user and let them skip the dead mileage.

Although this project required a lot of research, the duo after multiple iterations and trials launched their RMPP( Repos Mobile Petrol Pump). This Mobile Petrol Pump forms their core utility in delivering their services to the consumers. They also reached out to various automobile manufacturers in order to gain momentum on their launched product. In due course of time, the project was picked up by Mr. Ratan Tata who called the duo in for a meeting to know more about their product which helped reduce the carbon footprint of the environment. Ratan Tata offered his mentorship for the project and the company has thus been backed by Tata Motors and other leading automobile companies since then.

Repos Energy has helped solve a crucial issue in a time when the country was reeling in a pandemic. Recently, it has launched a double dispenser mobile petrol utility that incorporates two high-speed dispensers. It also boasts of technological advancement in terms of an IoT controller, advanced brake interlock system, geofencing as well as fuel sensors.

So far, the company has registered three patents for its Repos Mobile Petrol Pump. Furthermore, the company is set to raise a $30 million Series-A funding and also sell 3500 units of their Repos Mobile Petrol Pump.

The couplepreneur, Aditi Bhosale-Walunj and Chetan Walunj both have worked relentlessly on this project which is a step towards building a much more sustainably developed planet. Aditi has gained education in the field of forensic and international relations while Chetan was managing his family business of a petrol pump. Their company, Repos Energy, is based out of Pune, Maharashtra.

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