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Ranbir Kapoor Talks About His Absence From Social Media & Brand Endorsements

| Published on September 17, 2019

The brand endorsements are at its peak at the moment. For any brand to leave a lasting impact on its consumers, a celebrity face is associated with it. Celebrities social media handles also become a part of their brand endorsement where they are able to spread brand awareness more directly and to a larger audience at a time.

In an exclusive chat with Brand Equity, actor Ranbir Kapoor shared his thoughts on not ‘officially’ being on social media, his brand endorsement philosophy at a time when celebrity ambassadors are increasingly being held accountable for brands’ actions, and more.

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Choosing the right brand to endorse.

Ranbir talked about how he would choose the right brand to be associated with. In order to do so, he needs to understand the purpose of the brand. He says that he needs to be convinced to buy the product/service himself in order to sell it to the audience.

Ranbir likes to meet the marketing team of the brand a couple of times before signing a deal in order to understand their thoughts & ideas about the endorsement.

First Brand Deal

When talking about his first brand endorsement, Ranbir talked a cola brand he got associated just after his first movie release.

He shared,

“I still remember how I was recognized as ‘that guy from that cola brand’ instead of ‘that guy’ from my debut movie.”

Today’s Marketing Strategies

When talking about the current advertisement environment, Ranbir said that he finds the current advertisement content very much relatable & cheeky.

Celebrities turning entrepreneurs

Ranbir expressed how ambition & passion are the two factors that drive him to start any new venture. Discussing how celebrities are now turning into entrepreneurs with their own brands in the market, he said that even though he a football team and has a stake in Saavn, he would want to invest himself with any future business that serves his dreams & ambition. And would not want to open up yet another apparel brand.

His absence from Social Media.

He said that he understands that he has a disadvantage of not being on social media but is happy that brands are still approaching him.

Ranbir said, “It’s a personal decision, and brands who work with me respect that. However, I always believe never say never, maybe someday I would want to explore that side of the world. Right now, I am happy to stay away.”

Message to brands

Ranbir said that he wants the brands to understand that he is an actor first and would want the ad script to be slightly fun and relatable for the audience. That is what convinces him to sign with the brands in the first place.

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