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Rajasthan May Fine Motorists Who Have Caste, Religion & Political Stickers On Their Vehicles

| Published on September 5, 2019

It’s not unusual these days to spot vehicles on Indian roads that have their caste, religion, profession and affiliation to political parties displayed on it. But soon vehicles like such will be penalised for the same in the state of Rajasthan. 

According to an order by the traffic SP on September 3, strict action will be taken against vehicle owners if they violate the rules. The order was passed after the Civil Rights Society said letter that such writings are causing communalism and casteism in the society. 

The letter further stated that slogans and stickers on vehicles, especially on windscreen were hazardous since they could distract drivers which could inadvertently lead them to accidents. The rights group also mentioned that number plates of vehicles in Rajasthan even carried names and slogans. 

Speaking to TOI, a senior traffic police officer said that writings on number plates were always illegal and warranted a penalty of Rs 5,000. However, having names and designations on the body and windscreens of vehicles had no specified penalty.

According to the officer, the basic aim of the move is to ensure that the windscreens are free from any such signs, which result in poor visibility and act as a distraction to drivers. However, the order does not reveal exact specifications of the penalty, or what action will be taken against the vehicle owners for flouting rules.

According to Section 177 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, if there is no penalty for an offence, the maximum fine that can be imposed in Rs 100 and subsequently it may extend to Rs 300.

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