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Railways Plans A Policy To Allow Companies To Advertise On Trains

| Published on January 1, 2019

Don’t feel surprised if you see advertisements of a soap brand on a train and find the same being provided in toilets on board for your use because the government is planning a first-of-its-kind policy to allow companies to advertise on trains in exchange of their goods and services for passengers on board.

A statement drafted by the Railway Board’s Transformation cell has said that offers of goods and services in exchange for publicity on running trains have been discussed in the board and a decision has been taken to implement it on a trial basis.

“We are experimenting with an unique idea. In barter system, there is no exchange of money. Lakhs of passengers travel by train on a daily basis. Imagine the kind of publicity these brands are going to get. It is a very lucrative deal for them,”

a senior railway official said.

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The order also states that after such an offer is received by a coaching depot officer (CDO) he will put it up on the official railway website for 21 days to give opportunities for interested brands to pitch their offers.

“Initially, we will concentrate on barter of goods rather than services. Things like soaps, dispensers, bedrolls. The companies can offer their goods and instead of money, we will give them advertising space on board trains,” said the official.

The policy states that a maximum number of 4 thematic products and equipment with courtesy signage per coach inside the toilet or near the exit doors would be allowed.

The maximum size of advertisements has been restricted to six inches by six inches.

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