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Railway Minister Piyush Goyal Gets Trolled For ‘Einstein Discovered Gravity’ Tweet

| Published on September 12, 2019

After Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman sparked outrage in Netizens for her anti millennials sentiments, Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has now tapped the same emotion and is going viral for his latest remarks. 

At a meeting for the Board of Trade, the BJP minister addressing a question on how India is supposed to become a $5-trillion economy at the current rate defended the percentage the economy is supposed to grow at and said, 

“Don’t get into the calculations that you see on television,” Goyal is heard saying in the viral video. “If you look at a $5 trillion-economy, the country will have to grow at 12%, today its growing at 6%-7%, don’t get into those maths,” he adds.

But this wasn’t all. Goyal goofed up and continued, “…Maths never helped Einstein discover gravity.”

Twitter soon picked up on the gaffe. But just in case you’re wondering gravity was discovered by Issac Newton. 

The video soon went viral leading #Einstein and #Newton to trend on Twitter India.



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