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Race 3: A Hit Or Flop For Partnered Brands?

| Published on June 22, 2018

Movies are no longer made just for the entertainment of the audience. The commercialisation has changed the way how directors and producers make a movie. We all know the Brand value of Salman Khan and how popular he is among Indian audience. His much-awaited movie Race 3 got released on Eid and has successfully earned more than Rs 100 crores. Although, critics are giving so many negative comments about this movie still the movie is breaking so many records in terms of collection and it is all due to Salman Khan’s stardom.

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Let us put some light on the how partnered brands are seeing this success and negative comments. Blackberry, Baba Elaichi, CP Plus, and Club Mahindra are the official brand partners for Race 3 and these brands can be seen in the movie with strong advertisements. One can’t ignore how characters are seen using the products of above brands. According to recent reports, Race 3 has broken a previous record of the biggest satellite deal which was set by Dangal. Rs 130 crore deal with Star India and Amazon Prime Video was settled for the satellite rights which is by far more than Dangal’s Rs 75 crore.

Ramesh Kaushik, Vice President, Blackberrys, feels that such integration helps a brand to grow quickly. He believes that new audience gets to know about a brand as Salman Khan is loved by people in big numbers in a big range of age from children to the people who are in their mid-40s. Also, big movies give a good boost as they are released in most of the theatres in the country and also in some other countries. Also, Race 3 has given rise to so many memes you can see some of them below:




Such memes have created a different image of Race 3 among the audience and in some way, brands are loving it because they are getting attention and that’s what they pay more. On the other hand, some are disappointed as poor content can harm the partnered brands too.

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Being a movie that is not being loved for its content quality, Race 3 has disappointed brands in many ways. “The box office collections started on a high because of the brand equity of Salman Khan but they have been steadily falling since then, due to the uninspiring content of the film may barely break even for the producers, though distributors may make a loss. The advertisers who have partnered with the film are also likely to gain at least 50% lesser as the film may not last beyond 1-2 weeks.” Saurabh Uboweja, brand expert and CEO, Brands of Desire said in an interview.
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