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R Ashwin Shares Creative CV On Instagram. Netizens Are Loving It

| Published on March 1, 2020

Most people see making Curriculum Vitae as a boring task. On the other hand, there are people who grab the attention of employers just because of their creativity in CV. There are an ample number of examples of such CVs but Indian cricketer has added one more to the list by sharing his version of a CV on social media.

Clearly, he did this for promoting Break the Beard campaign and created a buzz that the brand wanted. The CV starts with Ashwin’s nickname and description.

In nickname he wrote, “Log mujhe pyaar se Baller bulate hai” (People call be Baller with love) and in his description, Ashwin wrote, “Mujhe dekh kar ladies sing, dekho jaa rha hai Chennai ka Super King
(After seeing me, ladies sing here goes Chennai’s Super King).


The other details are also hilarious; under the skills he wrote, “Putting the break in bowling and beards” and “sending opponents to the pavilion”. His hobbies are also quite interesting, “Knocking people out since 2010” and he wanted to convey something with “Playing carom, Samjhe” (Did you understand). His interests include, “Playing wicket games, Spinning Hearts and Breaking records and my beard”.

Below is his Instagram post that we are talking about:


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