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Quit His Job At ITC, Man Is Competing With MNCs By Selling 2 Million Desi Candies

| Published on November 11, 2019

It isn’t rare to find start-ups in every nook and corner of the country these days, they are a trend after all. Similarly, it isn’t rare to find the growing love for healthcare and a better lifestyle among Indians considering the rising demand for organic products and the recent trend of a healthy lifestyle.

Vinay Kothari GO DESi

Vinay Kothari explored and took leverage of this opportunity when he discovered an amazing product in the Malnad region of the western ghats.

What’s the story behind GO DESi?

Well, he stopped at a tea stall during his trek where he had some jackfruit bars. They tasted amazing and it was also surprising since they were preservative-free and super healthy.

Kraft Foods

As a marketing professional, Vinay knew that he had to tap this opportunity. So, he got 30kg of such local and regional produce of the region and set up a flea market stall to sell them. Not so surprisingly, he sold off everything within the first half of the first day while his stall was scheduled for the next three days in the market.

So, what did he do then?

Then, he decided to launch his own packaged food brand called GO DESi in March 2018, focusing on such local produce and ensuring that the entire country gets to enjoy them. He got rural entrepreneurs, local NGOs and cooperatives on board, set up six units to date and launched many more products.


A famous one along with Jackfruit bars are the Imli pops, a candy that is natural with an added tinge of childhood. He had a team of three people, including his sister Raksha and the operation head Akhil to help him kickstart this journey which has now reached around 75 direct or indirect employees.

Another good deed? GO DESi also primarily employs around 80 percent of women from rural areas and semi-urban areas, providing them with security and a better life.

Challenges along the way

The packaging was one of the toughest challenges for Vinay and his team. However, with conviction and faith, he made this bumpy ride fun and frivolous. Today, the packaging is one of their USPs that make their products irresistible.

Another challenge was convincing retailers. They had a lot of questions and doubts since Go DESi was just starting. However, Vinay and his team won over this hurdle with unshaken persistence.

Well, the future definitely seems bright for both Vinay and GO DESi, since the trend for organic and natural is here to stay! Nonetheless, we wish the entire team success and growth!

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