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| Published on April 26, 2022

The world is witnessing a golden age with digitalization. Many extraordinary technologies are emerging every now and then. The advent of NFT domains is one such major pillar for the next generation of the internet domain.

NFT domains offer several unique benefits compared to traditional domain names. For starters, NFT domains are decentralized, that is, not controlled by any central entity. Moreover, one can easily use these domains as their crypto wallet address and do all their transactions.

Last but not least, once you purchase a domain, it is completely yours!

Quik is an NFT Domain marketplace on which you can buy, sell, mint, or list NFT domains. It has launched over six unique TLDs, including .metaverse domains, .doge domains, .chain domains, .vr domains, .ai domains etc. These NFT domains come with unique artwork that no other NFT marketplace offers.

Unlocking Web 3.0 With Blockchain Domains

The registrars only allow us to rent traditional domain names for a certain period and are controlled by central entities like ICANN. We must pay renewal fees and other maintenance charges to keep our domain name.

On the contrary, NFT domains are fully decentralized. That is, no central server controls it. Once you buy it, it belongs 100% to you. NFT domains, similar to any non-fungible tokens, are verified on the blockchain network.

NFT domains also offer a range of other benefits, including access to decentralized platforms, simplifying crypto transactions by replacing cumbersome, lengthy wallet addresses, and a universal username.

“NFT domains are the catalysts of revolutionizing the internet, and we want to expand its enormous potential,” 

Mentions Sahil Kohli, CEO of Quik.

The Quik ecosystem aims to bridge the innovation gap to realize the decentralized web and allow businesses and creators to utilize the internet’s maximum potential.

Quik is revolutionizing the domain name market.

Quik allows its users to browse domains with an advanced search feature. Users can find the best-decentralized domain names for their web 3.0 websites with minimal effort.

With Quik, there is just a one-time registration fee; you no longer need to remember to renew your domains or risk losing them to the public market! Also, if you mint a blockchain domain on Quik, you are eligible to receive 5 to 10% royalties on every subsequent sale.

Click here to learn more about Quik.

The users can search various Top-Level Domains on Quik’s website. These domains vary from .metaverse ,.doge, .shib, .chain, .web3, .vr & .ai domains Since these domains have a limited minting availability, users are subjected to a first-come, first-serve basis.

Quik is the world’s simplest NFT domain marketplace having blockchain-based secure and transparent transactions.

How to mint your first domain on Quik with a few easy steps

  1. Register/Sign in to Quik using your Metamask wallet.
  2. Search the NFT domain name you wish to purchase using advanced search tools.
  3. Choose ‘mint now’ if your preferred domain name is available; otherwise, choose from the other alternatives.
  4. Approve the transaction on your Metamask wallet.
  5. Once your payment is made, your domain will be available on your profile!

Web 3.0 is creating an advanced internet platform for the creators and businesses to make them independent from any central entity. These businesses can work seamlessly, using automated smart contracts to enable smart, secure, and seamless transactions.

Visit Quik, and buy your first NFT domain to become a part of the internet of tomorrow today!

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