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Pursue These Top 10 Skills Most Recruiters Are Searching In 2021

| Published on April 21, 2021

The professional segment of our lives is changing dramatically, with most individuals working from home due to the global pandemic. Hence, the skill set looked out by recruiters is also changing where soft skills and working under pressure are being highly appreciated.

In 2021, these are the top professional skills that you should be equipped with,

Leadership Skills

Everyone is a born leader but only a few bring out those qualities to the forefront. Take more initiatives. Try to be ahead of your team by doing a background study of brands that you are working with. Always motivate your members to do better and help them out when needed.


There is no I in team, and rightly so. It is fun to be a part of a team if all the members have a certain sense of team spirit. In that case, work becomes fun and you also get to learn a few things from your coworkers.


Always plan out your day in order to make everything fall at the last minute. Companies appreciate individuals who can organize files and their work schedules. Having a member like that is beneficial for the entire brand.


You need to communicate with your team members on a daily basis. Be it your boss or your coworkers, communicating helps people know you better and understand your capabilities. It also opens up new opportunities.

Social Media Knowledge

Nowadays, most individuals know how to use Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Some even know LinkedIn and Twitter. With so many new platforms coming up every now and then, it is always beneficial to have a basic knowledge of these social media sites.


Having a sense of creativity is always a blessing. It can be in any form – doodling, writing, music etc – but creative people have an imaginative and intuitive mind that helps brands come out with better ideas.

Project Management

Every project needs to be handled by reliable teams. Having a sense of project management will help your company trust you to take important decisions.


While onboarding new clients or vendors, a negotiator can bring about the best deal without having to try too hard. Always accepting the first price isn’t always recommended. Negotiating skills are also applicable to everyday decisions, and to make people accept your decisions as and when needed.

Coaching Mindset

If you have a certain skill, you can always help your team members learn. Having a mindset to teach others and bring the best out of them is a skill not everyone is equipped with. Be open to learning and make others learn what you’re good at.

Source: Startup Talky

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