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Punjab Police Uses Sacred Games 2 Meme To Spread Awareness

| Published on July 16, 2019

Meme Marketing is finally getting popular in India as brands have started recognizing their power. What makes memes a great tool for marketing is that humor gets shared most on social media because find the topic relatable to their lives.

Not only brands, but Government authorities have also started using memes to spread awareness and Mumbai Police is no doubt the best among them. Slowly but eventually, other authorities have also tried using memes and the results have been outstanding.

Sacred Games 2 is one of the most awaited online show in India and its release date was revealed soon by Netflix as 15th August. Delhi Metro came up with a hilarious take spreading awareness of giving seats to the needy during travel on Metro train.

This was praised by online audience and just after a few days, Punjab Police has come up with some really awesome. Have a look:

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