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Punjab Man Builds Eco-Friendly Wooden Bicycle During Lockdown

| Published on August 10, 2020

Eco-friendly products have become crucial to adapt to our daily lives. With the growing concern around global warming and natural resource preservation, the use of eco-friendly products is just the way. Many big brands have also resorted to either minimizing the use of plastic or replacing it with other eco-friendly substitutes.

For instance, fast food joints like McDonald’s have stopped using plastic straws and container lids. Many other brands have started using wooden spoons as well. These are small steps but will surely have a huge impact on the environment in the long run.

However, saving the environment is more of an individual task and not just limited to big brands.

The pandemic has encouraged a man in Punjab to do just that. Taniram, from Punjab’s Zirakpur, has taken the opportunity of the lockdown to build an eco-friendly bicycle made of wood.

While displaying his bike, Taniram said in an interview, “Due to lockdown, I was jobless and totally free. So I think so doing something and come up with ideas to create cycle as I also needed one. I had a scrap with myself, it took me 4 months to come with this wooden eco- friendly bicycle.”

It took Taniram 4 months to build this wooden bicycle. When he was stuck at home, he imagined how he would like to make a bike and put his ideas down on the paper. What is even more surprising is that he built it entirely from scrap as the lockdown had left him workless and short of money.

Taniram shared that his neighbors would call him insane for working on wood day and night unaware of what he had in mind. However, that did not put his ambition to do something creative down. And today, his creation has become the talk of the nation.

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