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Pune-Based Firm Fires 236 Employees For Going On Mass Leave

| Published on October 30, 2018

ZF Steering Gear India, a leading supplier ball and nut integral hydraulic power and worm and roller mechanical steering system, has fired 236 employees on the back of a month-long mass leave. The company is well-known in its industry and has well-known clients such as Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Volvo Group, AMW Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, among others.

The company said it terminated the employment contract of 236 engineers after they proceeded on a mass leave from December 2, 2017 till about January 19, 2018, without showing any ‘sufficient cause. An enquiry was made after this incident and a dedicated officer was appointed to investigate the charges of misconduct leveled against those employees. The company has said that the whole process was conducted in a fair manner and following all the principles of natural justice. The concerned employees were found guilty of misconduct and they failed to give a valid reason.

Also, several rounds of discussion were held with the concerned employees but no solution emerged. “The Company finally decided to terminate the employment of these 236 employees with effect from 26/27th October, 2018. All the concerned employees have been paid their due amount under the provisions of law,” it added.

To minimise the loss of production, the company is making arrangements and is looking for quick changes.

Such incidents show that not only companies are responsible for the corporate culture we have today, but even employees also aren’t serious towards their jobs.

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