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PUBG Lovers Left Worried After TikTok Ban In India

| Published on April 22, 2019

PUBG certainly has a fan following of its own which is now left worried after the TikTok ban that the multi-player game might be the next on the list.

Days after the immensely popular Chinese app TikTok was banned PUBG lovers took to Twitter to share their notion of worry about their multiplayer game being the next victim of government’s moral policing.

While TikTok was banned on the grounds of encouraging inappropriate and pornographic content, it is highly possible that PUBG would be the next on the list meeting the likewise fate. Now the question that arises is why? Based on possibilities and assumptions it is being said that the game is capable of increasing violence among the children.

Gujarat Police has already made the move and requested Google to remove PUBG from the Play store and prevent its download in the jurisdiction of Rajkot city,

Here are the reactions of the PUBG lovers on Twitter.



As for us we are holding tight to our prayers for our beloved PUBG lovers!

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