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PUBG Bans More Than 30,000 Accounts Including Pro Players, Know Here Why

| Published on December 26, 2018

As per the recent report of PCGamesN, PUBG(Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) has banned over 30,000 accounts which also includes 16 accounts of pro players. This ban is a result of using cheat codes during the game, by these players. PUBG has also released the new Vikendi Snow Map and has imposed anti-cheat and reporting features with the same.

The Reason For Ban

The increasing popularity and the competitive streak in players have led to the use of cheat methods in order to secure higher points and position in the game.

Pro player accounts affected during this ban sweep include TEXQS, Papaya, Cageman, PlayerJones, Hoffmann88, Sezk0, Houlow, Kragen and more. The battleye software, which helps in detecting any kind of radar hack software used by players, is now implemented in the game. The moment someone tries to hack, the software sends information to its developers. Players to get information on other player’s position during a match use radar hacks. Though this hack is very difficult to track because of its VPN services, the battleye software helps in cracking it.


History Repeats Itself

This is not the first time that PUBG has banned players. In the month of June PUBG banned many regular and pro players who were caught cheating. The ban also affected some fair playing players, but PUBG reinstated their accounts later, though some of them still remain banned and are waiting for a re-check of their accounts by the company.

The only detail regarding this new anti-cheat tool in the patch notes available on the Steam Community website is that the players who are banned mid-match for cheating, teaming, teamkilling, etc will now have ban written in real-time on their kill feed.

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