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Proud Moment: 2 Indians In ‘Top Reporters On Facebook’ List

| Published on March 25, 2018

Facebook is a great platform for sharing useful content. It is not only a social media network as now it is used as a source of information also. Media agencies are using Facebook in a way that it helps users to remain updated with the latest happenings from all over the world. The main benefit of reading news from FB pages is that one can get knowledge at any instant they want and according to their choice of pages.


Top reporters on Facebook

Newswhip is a company that analyzes data of social media networks and summarises them into reports that help professionals knowlwdge about what is working in digital media and how marketers can engage users to get maximum benefits from online campaigns. The February 2018 reports of top reporters on Facebook is out it has given a topic to feel proud about for every Indian.

The best way of knowing the best content is to check what viewers are liking. For this, Newswhip has created a list that illustrates the top facebook reports for the February 2018 month. Have a look:


You can see that there are 2 Indian authors on this list namely- Deepa A. & Shuchi Bhatnagar and both are from same media company RVCJ Media. This is a great achievement for these writers as making a name among world’s best is not that easy due to the competition online media has these days.

Trends to learn from the top writers

If you look at the top authors, you can easily identify that readers are interested in latest topics because it engages more audience and people relate with such things better than some old topic. Talking about the evergreen topics, articles related to lifestyle category get the most number of views.

Top publications with best reporters

A total of 17 publications had more than 1 author on the list and this adds to the success of RVCJ Media for being the only publication house in India to get into this list. Here is the list of top contributors on Facebook for the February month:


Reasons for success of these authors

The major reason for getting views from social media is writing engaging content. Articles which are shared by public gets the most number of views and this only happens if the content is meaningful to the viewers and want others to read that too. Articles on social media should have a title that makes readers curious. Not to forget there is a big difference in click bait titles and interesting ones.

Facebook is focusing on providing meaningful posts to the users and for doing this, many changes have been imposed on Facebook’s user feed algorithm which is making the life of content creators very difficult. But as it happens in every industry, such times filter the best ones from the ordinary.

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