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Profitable Wholesale Business Ideas In 2021 That You Must Consider

| Published on July 14, 2021

The wholesale market in India is an ever-flourishing industry and has promised returns to all those who set their foot in the business. Considering that the country is densely populated and products reach to individuals situated in the most remote locations of the country, wholesaling proves to be a vital medium through which the distribution network is established.

One can easily increase their sales without investing a lot in marketing and always enter newer markets with lesser risks. Here are a few businesses which have much scope in the wholesale industry in India to get you started!


Custom prints and designs printed on wedding invitations or birthday invites constitute a major part of any celebration. Choosing a business structure for a stationery business is extremely important, moreover, it is an industry that always sees an influx of customers irrespective of special occasions or everyday business.


This industry has revolutionised the Indian agricultural landscape. What constitutes to be the major source of revenue for our country, this industry promises high returns and facilitates the growth and development of the country. The businesses constitute the selling and distribution of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and bio-stimulants.


A must in every household, setting up a furniture business requires labour as opposed to setting up costs. Newer trends come into play in the industry and one must be constantly updated with designs, and the industry never fails to welcome any newcomer into the field.

Children’s toys

The industry continues to keep growing and yields greater returns as the years go by. One must be willing to incur manufacturing and set up costs which would require a heavy investment and as result, the distribution of the goods would prove to be a lot more beneficial for someone who is venturing out into the wholesale business.

Snack Distribution

The opportunities in this field are endless. Although a perishable product, snacks are consumed every day in multiple locations be it college campuses, corporate offices and event venues. As a result, this business easily makes its way into the list.

Organic Food

Fresh organic farmers market fruit and vegetable on display

The organic food industry has seen a large growth spurt and continues to see scope further on. With individuals becoming a lot more aware of the type of food that they eat and becoming health-conscious, particularly after the pandemic, the organic food industry proves to be a flourishing one.


One can venture out into multiple areas when it comes to the textile industry, be it fabric yarns, readymade garments, home furnishings and the like. The industry continues to be an important sector for the increase in GDP and is as a result a thriving one.

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